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Flying Seal of Awesome
pwnquin wrote in ontd_franz

David Lynch did indeed direct Marion Cotillard in Dior’s second short film last month in Shanghai.

Part II of the Lady Noire Affair won’t debut for a few months, but on Janary 14th, Dior will premiere their first music video, also staring the Oscar winning actress.

Marion plays a ‘working woman’ who transforms into a sultry singer every night. The film was shot in New York City and the song she sings, “Lady Rouge,” was written by Franz Ferdinand.

I'm exciiteed for this! Marion has a lovely voice and I can't wait to see what Franz has written for her >:D

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I am so excited! I love Franz and Marion.

the 14th, so that's tomorrow, right?
ou! -excitement-

OOH LA LA. I want this NOW.

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